This is Alice's real story. The free Radio put down by the Italian Police on March 12th 1977.

Via del Pratello 41

Radio Alice, a militant radio station from Bologna, was born in 1976 thanks to a group of friends from the realm of autonomy and from various antagonistic movements. Using a military transmitter on 100.6 MHz, the station found its headquarters in an attic at via del Pratello 41.


The founders drew inspiration from "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" by Lewis Carroll and transformed the headquarters into a cultural and creative center, organizing concerts, youth gatherings, and other activities.

To give voice to those who don't.

Radio Alice, without a fixed schedule, represented a unique experiment in communication. Broadcasting a wide range of content, from politics to culture, opening and closing transmissions with the song "Lavorare con lentezza" by Enzo Del Re.

From Rino Gaetano to grocery lists.

Everything deserved to be broadcasted: fragments of books, union communications, poetry, yoga lessons, political analysis, declarations of love, comments on current events, recipes, bedtime stories, shopping lists, tracks by Rino Gaetano, Jefferson Airplane, Area, Fugs, or Beethoven.

Hands off Alice.

On March 12, 1977, the police abruptly interrupted the broadcasts, bursting into the headquarters and arresting everyone present on unfounded charges of directing the violent clashes that had occurred the previous day, including the death of student Francesco Lorusso. The radio equipment was destroyed during the raid.

Unfounded accusations.

After being transferred to the San Giovanni in Monte prisons, all those present were released as the accusations proved to be unfounded. The investigation against the Carabiniere responsible for the killing of Lorusso and his superior was immediately archived without ever proceeding.

The founders.

Among the founders, creators, and animators of Radio Alice, the following are remembered: Giancarlo Vitali, known as Ambrogio, Luciano Capelli, Roberto Bozzetti, Stefano Saviotti, Paolo Ricci, Giuseppe Vivolo, known as Pino, Matteo Guerrino, Valerio and Mauro Minnella, Claudio Molinari, known as Molli, Andrea Zanobetti, Dadi Mariotti, Franco Berardi, known as Bifo, Maurizio Torrealta, Filippo Scozzari, and Renzo Venturoli.

The radio of the autonomists.

Despite the brief duration of its broadcasts, Radio Alice left an indelible mark on the landscape of Italian free radios, representing an important chapter in the history of alternative communication and the struggle for freedom of expression.

This is Alice's real story.
The free Radio put down
by the Italian Police
on March 12th 1977.

Valerio: Alice!

Police: Hands up! Stick them up!

Valerio - telephone: I don't know Alberto, no, I'm not Matteo, look the Police is banging on our door…

Antonio: They're in...They're in! They're here!

Valerio: They got in! They got in! We have our hands up, they're in, we have our hands up…

Noise - instruments broken

Valerio: Look, they're tearing apart the Microphone

Police: Keep your hands up!

Valerio: We have them up. They're tearing apart the Mic noise...

they said… noise… this is the place of the warrant…


Rotate your device to partake in the intrusion.